The project of La Clef des Châteaux reflects the image of its region :

Offbeat design, cosmopolitan atmosphere…and so local !

The atmosphere of La Clef des Châteaux will make it a success: an unconventional comfort, but also a sense of welcome, good living, simple and authentic, and conviviality… The values of the Loir-et-Cher, the values of Maslives.
43 Rooms
230 m²
Chambres - Hotel La Clef des chateaux

Open to the city, it organises both a quality hotel service oriented towards quiet spaces (the terrace-garden) slipped between very attractive and lively restaurant, cultural and leisure event spaces, and oriented towards village life: a large festive cocoon ground floor and a terrace that allows you to take full advantage of the region’s climate.

Flexible and adapted, its organisation and multiple spaces will enable it to host a variety of cultural events, with a strong link to the cultural life and history of the reinvested site.

Vue bar - Hôtel La Clef des Chateaux
Floral area
Vegetable Garden
Aromatic herbs 340 m²
30 parking
295 m²
Private conference
200 m²
Salon lecture - Hôtel La Clef des Chateaux
Respectful of the past and modern, it also revitalizes the original façade of the building, while allowing a new original occupation of the plot to be read through it. It proposes a selected use of materials traditional to the region and more contemporary materials such as the protective cladding of the gables and the cladding of façades on terraces.
340 m2
and Beach
Chambres - Hotel La Clef des chateaux
Hôtel La Clef des Chateaux